Stairs, Slabs and new Blocks!

Building off of the new datapack features, we’ve added the following Stair, Slab and Smooth block recipes to the server.

All stair recipes will produce 8 stairs.  If you look at a stair, it is 3/4 of a block.  If you do the math, 3/4 of 6 blocks would produce 8 stairs.

Extra Stairs

Now you can craft your stairs back into blocks. I mean really, if you can use a simple wood crafting bench to create stairs out of wood or stone, can’t you also put them back into block form? Simply put 4 stairs in a 2×2 grid and you’ll end up with 3 blocks.

Stairs to Blocks

The same is also true for slabs, for most slabs, you can easily craft them back into blocks using the following recipe.

Some slabs cannot be crafted into blocks in that way, an example is stone brick slabs.  In the same configuration, they would create chiseled stone.  To create a stone brick block, you need to do a 2×2.

New Blocks

Mojang added new blocks that are only available in Creative.  We’ve brought these blocks to survival using the following recipes:

stone slabs to smooth stone

You can craft Smooth Blocks back into their slabs very easily as well.

Smooth Stone to Slabs

The Smooth block recipes apply to Smooth Quartz, Smooth Sandstone and Smooth Red Sandstone.