Shop Keepers

Setting up trades

This page describes setup and editing procedures specific to the different types of player shops. For information about editing shops in general, see Editing Shops.

To start, we will setup a player shop selling items:

First, the player will need to place items they wish to sell in the chest. In order to sell written books you must use the special book shopkeeper (in this case, you must put the written books you want to sell in the chest, then stock it with book & quill items).

Now open the editor window. The top row will show the various item types for sale from the chest. The bottom rows will show the costs of those items. If no cost has been specified yet, there will be a barrier. To modify the cost, left-click the emerald (or barrier) to increase the cost, and right-click to decrease the cost. You can also hold shift while clicking to modify the cost by 10 at a time. You can adjust the item quantity in the same way, with left and right clicks.

Once the costs are all set up, just close the window to save.

When a player purchases an item from a player shopkeeper, the item in the chest will be removed and the emeralds used to purchase will be added. Due to limitations in the game, the trades will not update even when a player purchases the final stack of a certain item. However, if a player attempts to make a purchase when the chest is out of stock, the trade will fail and the trading window will close automatically.

For the special buying shopkeepers, you must place at least one of each type of item you want to buy in the chest, as well as plenty of currency items. Then when you open the editor window, it works the same except the items are on bottom and the currency is on top. A buying shopkeeper can only buy basic items, not enchanted items, books, or maps.