In-Game Commands

You can play vanilla style and never type a command… Ever!  Or you can utilize some of the cool features we’ve enabled to improve and simplify your gaming experience.

The Essentials:


These are custom menus that display information that can also be found on this website.  Your GUI Scale may need to be adjusted to show all of the detail.


As the command implies, /discord will give you the current invite link for the game-linked Discord server.  The /website command just gives you the link to this website.

Land Claiming


Typing this command  will create a temporary 5×5 land claim with the block you are standing on as the center.  You do require claim blocks which can be purchased for in-game currency.

/buyclaimblocks <INTEGER>
/sellclaimblocks <INTEGER>

You can buy and sell your claim blocks by using the above commands and specifying the number of claim blocks you wish to buy and sell.


While holding the golden shovel, type this command to switch the claim mode.  Then using the shovel, create a claim inside your larger claim.  This is called a sub claim and can be used to give specific permissions to a smaller area or allow you to sell or rent a portion of your claim to another person.  You can also resize sub claims while in the sub claim mode.


This command will abandon the claim you are standing in.  If you wish to abandon a sub claim, stand in the sub claim and type this command.


You will likely never need this command, it will drop all of your claims and make them public.

Claim Permissions

Head on over to the Land Claim page which covers permissions in detail.


For information on voting, go to the Voting page.


This command is the only one you need, it gives you access to view the voting sites, your vote points, voting history and the vote shop.  All of which are explained on the voting page.