Voting for LithiumCraft

What is voting?

Voting is a free and easy way for you to support the server and community by showing others that this is the server you choose to play on. Of course none of this is required and 100% optional.

Why should I vote?

Our Minecraft server is a small community of like-minded individuals sharing their love of Minecraft on a shared server.  Donating real money, doing collaborative builds to share with other players and voting are ways of showing your support.

Ok, how do I vote?

We are currently listed on the following voting sites.  Follow the links, enter your Minecraft username exactly how it appears in game, example: DarkLotus.  You’ll be given in-game rewards for voting, so be sure to do it daily!

I voted, now what?

Thanks for showing your love and support!  Now you’ve earned some vote points.  Let’s talk about rewards, how they are earned and what vote points can be used for.


By voting, you will earn 1 vote point, 500 Claim Blocks and 10 experience levels for each site you vote on.  If you vote on all vote sites, we’ll give you 2 extra vote points.

New players get a special bonus for voting the first time.  You will earn 1000 bonus Claim Blocks.

You can check your vote points using the following command or in the vote gui:


To spend your points in the Vote Shop, either click the Diamond icon in the Vote Gui or type:


The items for sale in the shop may change from time to time, so check back often!