Server Ranks

At Lithium Realm, all players start with 75 claim blocks.  You need to purchase Claim Blocks to protect your property.  Learn more about Land Claiming.

We’re not jerks, we’ll start you with a couple of super basic items.  Don’t expect too much, we’re not running a charity here 😉

You’ll have access to the /rtp or /wild commands to randomly teleport somewhere in the overworld so you can stake a claim and build your base.  Command usage is limited to once per hour.  Once you earn a rank, you lose access to RTP.

All players start with the ability to set 1 home with the /sethome command.

Once you’ve earned or purchased a rank, you will unlock special perks as listed below. Some examples are, a backpack and additional homes.

New Players

All new players start without a rank. Player ranks can be purchased at spawn using in-game currency.  

Special items can be purchased with vote points using /vpoints and /vshop
We no longer accept real-world money for anything, this server exists for fun and not for profit!

In order to purchase ranks in-game and use some other features and commands, you must play for at least 2 hours which will result in you earning a “Noob” rank.  The Noob rank is required for further progression.


  • /suicide Command
  • /back command (excludes on-death)
  • Ability to AFK and also use the /afk command
  • Access to the world map
  • 5 Shop Keeper Shops
  • 3-row Backpack and access to the /bp or /backpack command


  • All features of Settler
  • Ability to use your claim blocks in The Nether
  • /nick command (without colors)
  • Ability to chat in the world map.
  • 10 Shop Keeper Shops
  • 4-row Backpack and access to the /bp or /backpack command


  • All features of Pioneer
  • /nick command (with colors)
  • /ptime command (change the time of day for yourself)
  • /pweather command (change the weather for yourself)
  • 15 Shop Keeper Shops
  • /hat command
  • 5-row Backpack and access to the /bp or /backpack command


  • All features of Hero
  • Ability to use your claim blocks in the End.
  • /me command
  • Sign colors enabled.
  • 20 Shop Keeper Shops
  • 6-row Backpack and access to the /bp or /backpack command