We have created a few custom recipes to improve gameplay without ultimately altering the vanilla experience. Some recipes reduce some grind, some are good for SMP servers where some items are finite or get harder and harder to find.

We’ve also incorporated the following Crafting Tweaks items from

  • back to blocks v1.2.0 (Allows you to craft full blocks from stairs and slabs.)
  • universal dyeing v1.2.0 (Allows you to dye any dyeable block to another color, no matter what color it is (does not include Wool and Concrete).)
  • sandstone dyeing v1.0.0 (Allows you to craft sandstone with red dye to get red sandstone.)
  • unpackable ice v1.0.0 (Allows you to break down ice into 9 pieces. 1 Blue Ice to 9 Packed Ice to 81 Ice.)
  • unpackable wool v1.0.0 (Allows you to break down wool into 4 string.)