Welcome to LithiumCraft!

LithiumCraft was created by DarkLotus in June of 2017 to provide a fun place for people to play without the unneeded pressure of lining the pockets of the server owners. After playing on a fairly popular server, it became apparent that the primary motivation for operating that server was money and not the love of the game. The game mechanics were tampered with, limiting crop growth and mob spawns. When performance was an issue, things like tick timings were adjusted to improve TPS which causes issues with redstone contraptions and everything else in the game.

With his background in Server Management, it was a natural progression to create a server community and make Minecraft fun again.

What is LithiumCraft?

LithiumCraft is a Survival MineCraft server that embraces the Vanilla game play mechanics to keep the game fun and rewarding. We do use Data Packs to enhance the vanilla game experience. Those Data Packs are listed below.
We do not implement any sort of land claiming or protection. We do track changes to blocks, chest inventory and access so we can roll back if a dink makes it past our vetting process.

Game Settings:

Difficulty: Hard
Everything else is vanilla!

We also have some custom recipes, please visit the recipes page for more detail!

Data Packs:

  • afk display v1.1.0 (Greys out a player’s name that is not moving for 5 minutes.)
  • armor statues v2.8.1 (Adds a unique book that allows you to alter the properties of armor stands in survival.)
  • armored elytra v1.0.3 (Drop elytra and a chestplate above an anvil to merge them into one item. Drop the item above a grindstone to separate them again. Enchantments are kept safely between merging and separating. Burning netherite armored elytra will keep the chestplate but burn off the elytra.)
  • coordinates hud v1.2.0 (Adds information to your actionbar. XYZ Coords and a 24hr clock.)
  • dragon drops v1.3.0 (Makes the Ender Dragon drop a dragon egg and elytra on death.)
  • double shulker shells v1.3.0 (Makes all shulkers drop 2 shells.)
  • fast leaf decay v2.0.3 (Leaves decay much faster when trees are mined in survival mode.)
  • more mob heads v2.9.2 (Adds a chance to receive a mob head upon killing it.)
  • nether portal coords v1.1.0 (Adds a trigger that calculates where a nether portal must be placed in the other dimension. Useful for syncing up nether portals.)
  • player head drops v1.1.0 (A player will drop their head when killed by another player. The item displays who the killer is.)
  • Silence Mobs v1.1.0 (Adds the ability to silence mobs using a name tag. ‘Silence me’; ‘silence me’; ‘silence_me’ are all acceptable names.)
  • track raw statistics v1.5.0 (Adds 100+ scoreboards that track many different statistics. Especially useful for multiplayer.)
  • track statistics v1.1.0 (Adds statistics that are processed before-hand. E.g. Km swam, Km flown, etc.)
  • unlock all recipes v2.0.1 (Automatically unlock all recipes as soon as you start playing.)
  • wandering trades v1.5.0 (Adds Mini Blocks to the Wandering Trader’s trades.)


  • Dynmap (map.lithiumcraft.com)
  • CoreProtect (admin tool)
  • DiscordSrv (links Discord to Minecraft)
  • LuckPerms (admin tool)
  • OpenInv (admin tool)
  • DeathLocation (custom tool to get coords of latest death)
  • PlayerLocation (custom admin tool)
  • SoloSlumber (single player sleep)
  • VanillaPlus (custom admin tool)
  • WorldEdit (dependency of World Guard)
  • WorldGuard (used to protect the spawn buildings only)
  • PointOfInterest (custom made for 1.16+ to allow sharing Points of interest with the server) (coming soon)

The overworld has a radius of 15000 blocks centered at spawn. All chunks without player builds were reset with 1.17. When 1.18 rolls around, we’ll figure out as a community how to proceed.

Who is Lithium?

Lithium is derived from Lithium Hosting which is the company that owns and operates the servers that we play on.

LithiumCraft is 100% backed by Lithium Hosting, a professional hosting company that provides Cloud based web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Lithium Hosting offers custom solutions and has been in the hosting industry for more than a decade.