Welcome to Lithium Realm!

Lithium Realm was created by DarkLotus in June of 2017 to provide a fun place for people to play without the unneeded pressure of lining the pockets of the server owners. After playing on a fairly popular server, it became apparent that the primary motivation for operating that server was money. The game mechanics were tampered with, limiting crop growth and mob spawns. When performance was an issue, things like tick timings were adjusted to improve TPS which causes issues with redstone contraptions and everything else in the game.

With his background in Server Management and business ownership, it was a natural progression to create a server community and make MineCraft fun again.

What is LithiumCraft?

LithiumCraft is a Survival MineCraft server with a few plugins to improve game play and security.
The plugins we use provide the following features:

  • Players can protect their property with Land Claims.
  • Voting and Rewards
  • Custom Portals – more of an Admin feature but it allows us to link players to special features or back to the Lobby Server.
  • Discord chat integration
  • Single Player Sleep

The Overworld has a border at 20000 and -20000 so it’s a 40,000 x 40,000 square world.  The End has the same dimensions.  You’ll see the vanilla world border, so no accidental flying into an invisible wall 🙂

Stake your claim, protect what’s yours and succeed in the world. We employ a golden shovel based land claim system. You start out with 5000 blocks, earn 500 per hour and 500 for every vote cast on vote sites.

Who is Lithium?

Lithium is derived from Lithium Hosting which is the company that owns and operates the servers that we play on.

LithiumCraft is 100% backed by Lithium Hosting, a professional hosting company that provides Cloud based web hosting solutions to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Lithium Hosting offers custom solutions and has been in the hosting industry for more than a decade.